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Remote Worker - Workstation Assessments (between 20-99 staff)

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Approx. 30 Minutes


With remote working becoming more commonplace, employers have a duty of care to ensure that staff, in so far as possible, have a correct workstation setup and safe work environment.

Remote workers who use computers habitually are exposed to similar ergonomic issues as when working in an office location.

Evidence shows that employees who use computers as part of their daily work are exposed to:

  • Discomfort and pain in the neck, lower back, shoulders, arms, hands and legs/feet

  • Musculoskeletal Injury from poor postures and repetitive movements

  • Eye strain

  • Stress and poor well being

A remote workers- workstation assessment, looks to alleviate these conditions by ensuring the users equipment including desk, chair, monitor and accessories are correctly selected and setup.

The user is given information on:

  • correct positioning of their equipment and workstation to prevent discomfort and injury.

  • the prevention of the negative impacts of poor postures.

Usafety's qualified assesors will connect virtually with your staff member at their remote working location and carry out a display screen assessment to ensure their correct setup and comfort and to ensure comliance with requirements of related legislation.

  • Each assessment will last approximately 30 minutes and the user will be guided to adjust their workstation to achieve optimum settings for their individual requirements.

  • Where necessary, we will advise on the requirement for new equipment such as desks, monitors, seating, keyboards and mouse.

  • We may also advise on readjustment of workstations to avoid glare, improve lighting and other environmental factors.

Each staff member will receive a summary report of their assessment by email which will include modifications made, equipment recommendations and advise on good working habits to prevent musculoskeletal strain and injury and also related stress.

A more detailed report is generated and sent to the employer which will assist them in ensuring their staff members have been provided with the correct

equipment and setup.

Implementation details:

  • We will provide you with a schedule of days with 30 minute slots for the number of staff requiring remote assessments

  • We will provide you with a Zoom link to distribute through which your staff member will connect with our assessor at their allocated time

  • You will allocate slots to staff members and inform them of their time slots along with the zoom link. This schedule should be forwarded to us prior to service commencement. It can be benificial to include a contact phone number for each individual in case of any technical issues.

  • Our assessor will conduct the assessment at the staff members allocated time and they will receive their summary report immediately after the conclusion of their assessment.

  • Upon conclusion of all assessments, you will receive a detailed report for each assessment carried out along with a summary report which includes details of the the number of assessments carried out and equipment requirements identified during the assessment. Any person whom we deem to require further occupational health intervention will be highlighted.

Please note:

  • Missed appointments will be charged for accordingly.

  • Cancellation of appointments can be made up to 48 hours prior to the allocated time.

  • We may cancel an appointment and charge for it, if the staff member is late or technical difficulties on their side prevent the assessment proceeding.

  • Delays of up to 5 minutes before access to the assessor can occur due to technical difficulties with previous assesments or some assessments requiring an extra amount of time. Please inform your staff member to remain in the zoom waiting room.

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