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Online Tutorial

Synchronous training through Zoom

Some of our programmes are available through instructor led synchronous training. This means that we use platforms such as Zoom, Webex, Teams and skype to engage with you remotely. 

For you to attend our synchronous programme

  • You will need a laptop or desktop computer 

  • You will need a webcam and an audio interface with microphone and speaker (this can be a headset)

  • You will need sufficient Wi-Fi/broadband that allows both audio and video to stream

  • You will need to download the appropriate platform (zoom, Webex, Teams) Most of our virtual programmes use Zoom

  • You should try to connect with a colleague on Zoom to ensure that everything is working at least two days before the course commences (If you are having problems you can contact our technical support on 091 485580)

  • You will need a quiet area where you wont be disturbed during the programme

During the training

You will be asked to keep your camera on throughout the programme as when we cant see you, we will not know if you are there, and it is a requirement to attend all aspects of the course.

Throughout the programme, your tutor will engage with you asking questions and connecting with you.

You may be asked to mute your microphone from time to time to avoid background noise. This is easy, just click the microphone button in your zoom window to mute and unmute.

There are other features of Zoom which we will use during the programme and your tutor will direct you how to use these features when required. 

Important point:

We like to practice what we preach.

During the programme along with breaks, we encourage participants to move and stand up from time to time to ensure good musculoskeletal health. Also important is to have a comfortable seat. 

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