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Display Screen Assessments (onsite)

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approx. 30 Minutes


The use of computers has increased expoentially over the years and has led to injuries, discomfort and mental stress for habitual users. Evidence shows that employees who use computers as part of their daily work are exposed to

  • Discomfort and pain in the neck, lower back, shoulders, arms, hands and legs/feet

  • Musculoskeletal Injury from poor postures and repetitive movements

  • Eye strain

  • Stress and poor well being

A display sceen assessment looks to alleviate these conditions by ensuring user equipment including desk, chair, monitor and accessories are correctly selected and setup. The user is also given information on the negative impact of poor postures and correct positioning of their equipment and workstation to prevent discomfort and injury.

Usafety's qualified assesors will visit your workplace and carry out a display screen assessment on your staff to ensure their correct setup and comfort and to ensure compliance with requirements of related legislation.

Each assessment will last approximately 30 minutes and the users workstation will be adjusted to achieve optimum settings for their individual requirements.

Where necessary we will advise on the requirement for new equipment such as desks, monitors, seating, keyboards and mouse.

We may also advise on readjustment of workstations to avoid glare, improve lighting and other environmental factors.

Each staff member will receive a summary report of their assessment by email which will include modifications made, equipment recommendations and advise on good working habits to prevent musculoskeletal strain and injury and also related stress.

A more detailed report is generated and sent to the employer which will assist them in ensuring their staff members have been provided with the correct equipment and setup.

For a quotation and further details on this service, please contact us.

Display Screen Assessments are a requirement of the DSE Regulations 2007

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