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Bariatric / Plus Sized Master Class


Over the past 20 years, the population in Ireland has been growing in size and now has the status of being one of the most obese in Europe, with 25% of adults being obese and 67% of adults being overweight or obese.

This presents challenges to the plus sized person who may experience barriers to accessing healthcare due to lack of suitable equipment, furniture or environmental issues and indeed presents significant risks to handlers.

Some of the main risks identified for the plus sized person include; individual factors (body shape and size, mobility, pain, co-operation, privacy, dignity and comfort), building space and design, equipment (manual handling and clinical), communication from within and between organisations, organisational issues and staff issues (policies, culture and staff availability and training).

Solutions provided on this programme are based on a systems approach and a risk management process that considers

Physical, psychological and social needs, equipment provision, human and financial resources and the environment.

Aims and Objectives

The aim of the course is to provide delegates with the practical skills and knowledge required in the theory and practice of working with plus sized people in a variety of health and  social care settings.


On completion of this programme participants will be able to:

  • Provide a basic explanation of the risk assessment process in relation to the management of the plus sized person

  • List suitable equipment (clinical and manual handling) for both community and hospital based clients

  • Use a range of bariatric equipment to move the plus sized client/patient

  • Apply a range of safe moving and handling techniques to the movement of a plus sized person

  • Understand the process in relation to emergency care

Course Content

  • Overview of current legislation

  • Overview of risk management to include;

    •         Risk Assessment

    •         Patient pathways

    •         Systems approach

    •         Environmental issues

  • Review of body types (somatotypes)

  • Moving and Handling equipment for acute and residential care

  • Revision of Safer Moving and         Handling Principles

  • Practical work incorporating a range of moving and handling techniques that will form the basis of an operative level people moving and handling training course day for the plus sized person

  • Problem solving

Who should attend?

The course is aimed at those who are working with Plus Sized People in their workplace.

Access to programme


No previous experience is required however, ideally learners will have completed a ‘generic’ one day people moving and handling course.


1 day


Usafety Safer Moving and Handling of the Plus Size person Training Course

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