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People Moving and Handling Risk Management Training

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Course Overview

This course provides essential information and tools to assist organisations in the management of risks associated with moving people in their care. The course teaches participants about the implementation of strategies to protect staff and the people they are moving through a thorough examination of the workplace, equipment and complexities of individuals need's when there is a requirement to be moved. This course brings participants through the risk assessment process using appropriate steps and the documentation needed to formalise these decisions. It provides a solid foundation in solution based risk management.  

Course Summary

Certification: Usafety

Duration:  2 Day Course

Max attendees: 10

Venue: in-house

The course is suitable for all employees involved in the management of people handling 

Course Content

Day 1

  • Introduction to People Moving and Handling Risk Management

  • Legislation, Codes of Practice, Evidence based practice

  • Ergonomics

  • The Risk Management Process

  • Understanding the risks

    • Carer​

    • Client/patient

  • Documenting the process​

  • Scenario 1 Practical exercise

  • Scenario 2 Practical exercise

  • Risk Assessment tools and when to use them

  • Compliance Auditing

Day 2

Understanding the Task

  • Sit-to-stand ​​

  • Stand-to-sit

  • Toileting 

  • Chair 

  • Bed repositioning

  • Emergency situations

  • Pushing and pulling

The person

  • The carer

    • Limitations of the carer​

    • How many Carers are needed

    • Training

  • The Client

    • Determining ​mobility

    • Falls Risk

    • Complex scenarios

  • The family

    • Working Together​


  • Home Care​

  • Residential Care

  • Hospital Settings

  • Outdoors and social settings


  • Manual Equipment, Sliding sheets, etc

  • Hoists, Gantry, Sit/Stand, portable

  • vehicles and transportation

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