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Manual Handling Course

Course Overview

This course has been designed for employees who as part of their everyday work are involved in lifting inanimate objects and where a risk assessment has deemed it necessary for these employees to be trained in order to avoid back and other injuries associated with poor lifting techniques.


The course is held over a four-hour period and on completion of this course, participants will be able to lift and handle goods in a safe manner.  This will contribute to overall reduction and prevention of back injuries at work.  They will also learn the essential rules of general prevention of back pain as well as good work practice.  This course will consist of lectures, practical exercises and discussions.


The practical sessions will make up approximately 40% of the course, in which participants will carry out exercises designed to illustrate many of the principles set forth in the lectures.  Continual assessment will take place throughout the course to ensure that participants have understood and learnt the basics of good manual handling practice.

Course Summary


Duration:  Half Day Course

Pre-Requisites:  there are no pre-requisites required for this course.

Course Content

The course is both practical and theoretical in nature, and on completion of the course, participants will:

  • Understand their employers and their own responsibilities under Irish Health and Safety law

  • Have a basic understanding of the structure, anatomy and physiology of the back

  • Understand how various forces, postures and movements can effect the back

  • Understand the principles of safe moving and handling

  • Identify manual handling hazards within their daily work

  • Assess the risks associated with them and maintan measures that will ensure SAFER work

  • Understand the principles of ergonomic and work task design

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