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Fire Warden Training

Course Overview

Employers are obliged to ensure that they provide for personnel in the event of an emergency such as a fire.  By providing training for personnel, employers are significantly reducing the risk of serious injury and fatality associated with the outbreak of fire and other emergencies.

This course will consist of lectures, videos, practical exercises and discussions.  The practical sessions will make up approximately 50% of the course, in which participants will have the opportunity to extinguish a fire.

On completion of the course participants will be equipped with the necessay skills and information to:

  • List the duties of a fire warden

  • Describe the chemistry of fire

  • Identify hazards in the workplace

  • Assist in evacuation procedures and drills

Course Summary


Duration:  3 Day Course

Pre-Requisites:  No previous knowledge is requried.  Good communication skills and leadership qualities would be useful

Course Content

  • Course Introduction

  • Theory of Fire

  • Spread of Fire

  • Smoke Behaviour

  • Classification of Fire

  • Portable Fire Extinguishers

  • Fire Prevention and Evacuation Procedures

  • Duties of Fire Wardens

  • Maintaining and Calling Fire Lists

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