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Safety Representative - Healthcare Sector Training

Course Overview

This course is designed to assist Safety Representatives in their role as defined by Part 4, Section 25 of The Safety, Health and Welfare at work Act, 2005.  The course specifically deals with the common health and safety hazards encountered within the healthcare environment.

Participants will learn what these hazards are, what their impact wll be on themselves, their colleagues and clients/patients if they are not managed correctly.  Participants will on completion of the programme be equipped with the skills and knowledge to enable them to play an active role in reducing the occurence of injury or ill health and assist the organisation to comply with their statutory duies.  Participants will be able to represent fellow colleagues with regards to health and safety issues which may effect them

Course Summary

Duration:  3 Day Course


Dates: 6th, 7th, 13th November 2017


Venue: Galway


Pre-Requisites:  there are no pre-requisites required for this course.

Course Content

Day 1

Course Introduction - aims and objectives

Health and Safety Legislation

  • Introduction to health and safety legislation

  • Safety Health & Welfare at work Act 2005

  • Safety, Health & Welfare at Work (General application) Regulations 2007

  • Relevant Standards, Guidelines and Codes of Practice

  • The roles and functions of the Health and Safety Authority


Implementation of Health and Safety at Work

  • Implementation of health and safety management systems

  • Health and safety policies, culture and systems

  • Roles in health and safety (general)

  • Roles of the safety representative

  • Monitoring and reviewing


Risk Management

  • Hazard identification, risk assessment and risk control

  • Auditing and risk assessment tools

  • Practical use of tools and assessment forms

Day 2

Assessment and control of hazards

  • Safe articles and substances

  • Biological

  • Electrical hazards

  • Fire safety

  • Housekeeping and slips, trips and falls

  • Ergonomics (Musculoskeletal disorders, ergonomic intervention)

  • VDU's

  • Health and hygiene


For each category of risk the legislation relation to required compliance is discussed and referred back to regularly. Participants will also on completion of each topic have the opportunity where possible to carry out an audit identifying risks of the hazards they have learnt about.  Risk Assessment forms used in the organisation will be introduced, otherwise Usafety will provide 'generic' risk assessment forms.  All participants will be familiarised with the risk assessment form and will understand how to fill them in and how to report back information that has been diseminated.

Day 3

Assessment and control of hazards

  • Manual Handling (Animate/Inanimate)

  • Work equipment

  • First aid

  • Environmental issues (Light, noise, air quality, temperature)

  • Pyschological hazards and human factors (e.g. stress, performance, teamwork etc.)

  • Bullying/Harrassment/Agression in the workplace

  • Violence in the workplace

  • Needle stick injuries

  • Latex allergy

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