Certificate in

People Moving & Handling Instruction

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Course Overview

The aim of this course is to provide delegates with the practical skills, knowledge and competence to effectively design and deliver manual handling and people moving and handling training in their workplace. The 8 day programme incorporates a QQI Level 6 Certificate in Manual Handling Instruction which is a prerequisite for the Certificate in People Moving and Handling Instruction. Those who have already achieved the Certificate in Manual Handling Instruction will only require three days to complete the People Moving and Handling Instruction Certificate


On completion of this course delegates will be able to:


  • Explain the main components of relevant health and safety legislation

  • Evaluate the health and organisation benefits of an integrated ergonomic approach to the management of manual handling

  • Explain the main risk factors for back injuries related to manual handling to include how these injuries commonly occur

  • Describe current concepts of ergonomics to include a description of key ergonomic principles

  • Explain the manual handling risk assessment process

  • Describe a range of controls to avoid and reduce the risk of injuries

  • Apply the main principles of manual handling to a range of tasks

  • Analyse a learners performance of manual handling techniques

  • Communicate the principles and theories related to people

  • Demonstrate safe people handling skills 


Course Summary

Certification: QQI Level 6 in People Moving & Handling Instruction and Manual Handling Instruction

Duration:  8 Days

Dates: September 

Venue: Galway

Pre-Requisites: The course is suitable for those working in healthcare who wish to provide people moving & handling training in the workplace

Because moving and handling are an integral part of the day to day routine within a healthcare environment, we must try to ensure that both the patient/client and our employees are protected from injury and discomfort.


This one day program is designed to train employees in safe techniques and use of handling aids, so they may protect themselves from back and musculoskeletal injury.

Course Overview