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People/Client Moving & Handling Training

Because moving and handling is an integral part of the day to day routine within a healthcare setting then we must try and ensure both the patient/client and our employees are protected from injury and discomfort. This one day program is designed to train employees in safe techniques and the use of handling aids so that they may protect themselves from back and other musculoskeletal injury

The course is suitable for all employees involved in the moving and handling of patients /clients and meets the requirements of the Health and Safety Authority content for manual handling training. The course also follows the Royal College of Nursing, Guide to the Handling of People, 6th edition.



  • Introduction to Safer Moving and Handling

  • Ergonomics

  • The spine and how it works

  • How we get injured

  • Manual Handling and the law

  • Risk Assessment

  • The principles of good manual handling

  • Inanimate Lifting practical

  • Lunch break

  • The principles of safe moving and handling

  • Moving and Handling practical

    • Assisted walking​

    • Sit to stand, stand to sit

    • Bed transfers

      • Rolling the client

      • Transfer up the bed

      • Transfer out of bed/into bed

      • Supine transfers

      • Use of hoists

  • Participants must wear appropriate clothing and suitable footwear

  • Participants who have pre-existing medical conditions must inform the instructor before course commences

  • Certification will be provided to all attendees who fully participate in all aspects of the course and who can demonstrate the ability to carry out the practical client handling moves.

  • An attendance record will be provided to the host organisation

  • Where the instructor feels it necessary, they may recommend that a participant carry out further practical training.

  • Host organisations must provide a height adjustable bed along with a hoist and compatible sling.

Course Overview

Course Content

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