Ergonomics is about designing a workplace to suit the workers needs both physically and psychologically

We look at the space requirements, lighting and temperature needs for you to do your job comfortably, safely and efficiently

We also look at how you interact with machines, tools and other equipment and see if they are repetitious or are causing you to adapt awkward postures, which may cause you to get a musculoskeletal injury 

If you suffer from an injury or aches and pains that are work related, we examine your workplace to see if we can change it to alleviate your symptoms

Ergonomic Services

  • Computer Workstation Assessments

  • Return To work Assessments

  • Postural Analysis

  • Manual Handling Task evaluation and redesign

  • Task analysis and design

  • Lighting Assessments

  • Workplace layout and redesign

  • Product evaluation and pre procurement assessments