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Basic Health and Safety Training

Course Overview

This course is designed to help promote and create greater awareness and understanding of health and safety for employees in the workplace.  It provides participants with practical advice on the principal hazards in the work environment that should be controlled

The course is both practical and theoretical in nature, and on completion of the course participants should be equipped with the necessary skills to:

  • Identify hazards within the workplace

  • Assess the risks associated with them

  • Implement and maintain measures that will ensure a SAFER workplace

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Course Summary



Pre-Requisites:  No previous knowledge is requried.  Good communication skills and leadership qualities would be useful

Course Content

Health and safety law

Identification of hazards relevant to the working environment:

  • Fire

  • Electricity 

  • Manual handling

  • Health and the environment (ventilation, heat, noise, air and humidity)

  • Machine equipment and personal protective equipment

  • Ergonomic hazards

  • Biological hazards

  • Workplace (layout and design)

  • VDU's and workstations

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